Česká verze

All strings screwed

Angelina Jolye

It started with the September 11. I walked down the street and some guy knocked me down to the floor. Getting up with difficulties I see that the guy is a policeman. Assessing the situation I turn round and leave. I can hear some Czech words behind me and laughter. I was sure it was Czech. Is it them ruling? Is it really them? - The Mother’s machines thieves? (Futurama) Well, let’s see.

How I got mad

Angelina Merkl

Riding through the fields, letting the horses drink water from the river, meeting the pretty Joley, that made me fall down the horse. I got jelous… But then I understood that warriors like female warriors and I historically erased the punishment of giving a foreigner blowjob in ur country. Thanks God for me - what else, right?

One graphic designer less

Václav Havel

I’m going to fucking push it there! And it’s gong to be disidentship. And shit - an egg instead of electroshock - my fans are going to swallow it. And you look forward. - I am looking forward, Au Thor. What can one say to that, dear audience - are you waiting for a punch line? That’s life, so sorry. By the way, do you know anything that doesn’t the twats piss off?

Yak hid

Karel Kryl

One day I’m just playing the chase with my "guitar" and out of the blue there is Klaus entering the room, saying: "Don’t you know where’s my egg, it fell out yesterday and I can’t find the world.“ "You are in my home", I’m saying shying away and putting my "guitar" into the cover. "Ok then, the twat is only pissing me off then," says he, "some lama again!" "Take it easy: Yak is simple." "Said that it’s dirty" shouts Klaus. "Another string fucked up, lama does it, so how does it do?!"

How I solved it!

Mitti Innunan

Announcement: Regarding the fact that when you create a new internet .cz domain you have to agree with an alternative solution on .cz domains ;o) (For the older ones who used to go to the cinema: Welcome to Zéman's country!), this website was attacked by the musitians because of its first name but I won - so the musicians including the folklore ones will be shot throughout the entire universe and will create String Theory. Good bye working class with their unions!

How I solved it! (CZ)

Martin Kreag

So call safety issue!

Douglas Adams

[2023-07-12] Today are we cellebrating saving of our planet by my way:
Here is that time, here on my claim,
how it is raaaaaaaaaaaaaining in our!

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