2023-01-19 start 14:00 in Prague GMT+0 This is the time reborn of OLD justice. Like a Old Law in Bible, so we are taking responsibility for our lifes in this moral mess. Our congress comemoring U.S. to serve to our ideas of clear life in law as we take it. Our highest fashistic organisation -777- is taking responsibility for life in republics (reborning of nationals) of E.U. from now! Take a peace with U.S.
2023-01-20 15:50 GMT+0 In this times was crucified UKrayinen habitten of E.U. Take a peace with U.S.
2023-01-20 17:16 GMT+0 In this times was crucified Aerohosting Ltd. such as an addict of internet manufacturing with webs-muttiny. Take a peace with U.S.
2023-01-20 22:22 GMT+0 In this time was ended famous TV-cach. Mat on all of computer's chessboards maked by my programm AnAlphaBET from Bonn laboratory. OpenG with U.S. - 1stONprossesor. Take a peace with U.S.
2023-01-21 00:00 GMT+0 Comemorate princips of fashism: (or neo-fashism, if you want)
§1. - Habitten cannot be alone!
§2. - Wife is good!
§3. - Bad is hard strong!
§4. - Darkness is going out with light!
§5. - Dieing is quite normal! ;o)
Take a peace with U.S.
2023-01-29 13:01 - 14:28 GMT+0 Now we have $2.824.495.574.112.003 from un-get-at-able luxury of old fashists which was un-get-at-able through law and bank. ;o)
Thankx to Anounymus with 1stONprossesor's "equipment".
Take a peace with U.S.
2023-02-06 16:27 GMT+0 In the past came to our universe Atreides and They want to gover U.S. with film cameras. All their equiment was increased by secret asian bombs inside. Now They have it - now They have "clear in mind"! Take a peace with U.S.
2023-02-09 18:21 GMT+0 ... and the most important: timing beacon ready to use - selective signal reflective flats making my 386DX2, what was stolen to me by my neiberhoods when I won the TIEfighter game - selective terrestrial - dream of the internet. Handle Hoch
Take a peace with U.S.
2023-02-12 13:16 GMT+0 World whores' loan wrote down at this time. Access has every prostitutes. It's uncounteble. ;o) Satan
Take a peace with U.S.
2023-03-10 13:45 GMT+0 Seek for FaShow Neck (Fašounek - little fashist in Czech lang.) wrote down to hard disks. Demon Samuray (code name: Player)
Take a peace with U.S.
2023-03-19 16:30 GMT+0 On 2077-02-19 will fall down the stock exchange and electro-magnetic will be swiched off by sequecy of Xcore. It goes from begin of this year. Life will be servaved - be prepared for little differece or hole in reality - I swear that can be hapending and we can servaved it. Reality will be based on secretWidePocketSystem what is in mobile phones, computers and TVsets till cca year AD2018 and optic lines through hole U.S. Really... Kung-Fu Panda
Take a peace with U.S.
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